Instructions for Android PC Sync

Click here for instructions on backing up Outlook before you sync

    Install Android PC Sync

    1. Click here to download Android PC Sync program
    2. Open the program via the shortcut created on your desktop
    3. Register by entering the email address you used when purchasing the program
    4. Click on Settings to select what to sync from Outlook

    Install the Android PC Sync application to your Android device

    1. Click here to go to the Google Play Store
    2. Open Android PC Sync and tap on Settings
    3. Under Synchronize Contacts & Synchronize Calendar, select which account you want to sync to


    1. Open Android PC Sync on your computer
    2. Connect the device to the PC via USB cable
    3. Open the Android PC Sync app on your device
    4. Tap on Synchronize
    5. Wait for the PC to finish synchronizing
    6. After you see Sync Complete, you can disconnect the cable